Services at Uptownore Pharmacy

Hormone Therapy


We compound many different dosage forms of hormone therapy. We will also work with your doctor to personalize your therapy and optimize your results. Click the link below to find a thorough description of the available hormone options.

Hormone Therapy

OTC / Vitamins


Click below for a list of vitamin brands and OTC products.

OTC / Vitamins

Compounded Medications


We can make all non-sterile medications for your needs. 

Compounded Medications

Retail Medications


We carry a full line of anti-biotics, maintenance medications, and most other things. If we do not have it we can always order it for next day.

Medication Services


  Home Delivery, Medication Adherence, Med Synchronization, MTM Services, Non-Sterile Compounding for Dermatology, Pain, Weight-Loss, Veterinarian, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and much more! 

Pet Meds


We have a variety of pet medications, with the ability to compound most medications needed for your furry best friend.